Enticing Hunger in Ill Dogs

Enticing Hunger in Ill Dogs

When a dog is feeling under the weather, he may rather not eat. Naturally, not eating depletes the energy reserves needed to fight sickness and makes the situation worse.

If your dog has been vomiting or has diarrhea, follow your veterinarian’s guidance. These conditions need specific diets and feeding strategies.

In general dogs react to powerful-smelling dog foods warmed to room temperature or slightly above. Great options are:

Chop finely.
Broiled chicken.
Really thinly chopped steak microwaved for 3-4 seconds. Shred into strips.
Nutri-Cal (high calorie nutritional paste).
Clean any nasal discharge out of your dog’s nose using a cotton ball and warm water.

If you’ve a little dog, hold him on your lap in a quiet setting without distractions, like other dogs. Place some of the food in your hand, in your finger or on a little spoon. He should begin to lick the food. After several morsels, place a small dish of exactly the same food in your lap, pet him and speak to him, encouraging him to eat more.

Once your dog has began eating with excitement (it may take a day or two), slowly return to his regular food. You are able to combine dog treats into his food, reducing the amount over the following couple of days until his diet is back to normalcy.

Force Feeding

When a dog is not going to eat alone, you may need to force feed him. Force feeding should be done under the guidance and tracking of your veterinarian, that will guide you regarding the diet to be managed.

If force feeding is unsuccessful, tube feeding may be needed. Nevertheless, skilled management is essential. Don’t try to tube feed without assistance from your veterinarian.