Thing to remember when giving any drug to Dogs

The first thing to remember when giving any drug would be to be quiet rather than convey tension or nervousness to your own dog. Have all the stuff prepared before calling him over. An helper, if accessible, occasionally makes the job simpler.

Consider your dog’s ear to discover the entry to the ear canal. Since many dogs have numerous cartilage folds inside their ears, these outside folds can often readily be mistaken for the ear canal.

Immobilize the head by grasping the dog muzzle hard. Drip the medicine into the ear and do not let the head go if you do not need the liquid splattered all over the area!

Internal Dog Parasites: Coccidia
Coccidia, a single-cell protozoan, colonize and assault the lining of the dog’s intestine. Although Coccidiosis can be deadly in pups, mature dogs generally build up resistance to the parasite.

Identification is made by serial microscopic examinations of stool samples. Treatment is generally with sulfa drugs. To be able to keep disease from recurring, it is vital that hygiene standards are increased, crowding is reduced and that all dog bedding and dog food bowls are disinfected.